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At 2 Buckets Cleaning we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality “green” at-home cleaning services, while consciously choosing to minimize our impact on your personal environment and the planet.

From the beginning, I have always enjoyed keeping a tidy home. I began 2 Buckets Cleaning in 2005 with a keen eye for detail and a desire to clean homes that make people happy to walk in the door. I am a single mother, and at the time, I struggled to find safe and natural cleaning products that held up to my quality standards. So I began to develop my own green formulas that I knew would be effective and not harmful.

Now, as part of our commitment to being green, we utilize the products that I’ve taken years to perfect. As an example, we use our own glass and all-purpose cleaner. Additionally, we have invested in the highest quality steam cleaning machine. This machine assists us to achieve a deeper clean on any/all tough-to-clean areas while naturally sanitizing your home. We are passionate about keeping all of your homes safe for you, your children and your pets.


We are committed to happy and well supported employees. Every staff member is documented, screened, fully insured and completes a training program upon being hired.

We are happy to customize our services to best suit you and your families needs. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, once-a-month, one-time, move-in/out or for special events, we are here for you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or a quote for our services.

720-526-0439 info@2bucketscleaning.com






Cleaning For A Reason

We are honored to be able to support local women and their families who are fighting cancer. My family has personally struggled with a cancer diagnosis so I know how devastating this can be. We want clients to focus on their recovery and their families. By offering our cleaning services, we feel we are taking a bit of the load off their plates and assisting with some day-to-day tasks so each patient can focus on what is truly important.





We’ve added a “Sargent Steam” vapor steam cleaner to our arsenal of tools and it does amazing things. From grout/tile, inside the oven/hood, to window tracks and blinds, this machine assists us to sanitize and disinfect without any solvents, smells or damage to surfaces when that little extra is needed.

Dry vapor steam reaches over 300 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bacteria and most viruses. Being just 5% water, it dries almost instantly and it’s even safe to clean/disinfect your child’s stuffed animals.